Eclipse candle holder

Eclipse candle holders are a striking minimalist design crafted from solid brass giving the product weight and substance. The wide disc frames the candle, while creating an illusion of floating above a table surface. For maximum effect use several clustered together to create a dynamic tablescape.

Brass will tarnish and discolour with time. To clean, use a gentle non-abrasive metal polish paste applied with a dry cloth, then polish the surface until clean and shiny again. Do not use a water-soluble polish.

Material: Brass 
Large taper: 12x12x5.15cm
Small taper: 12x12x2.75cm
Tealight: 12x12x2.75cm

£30.00 (incl. VAT)

Large taper / brushed

Small taper / brushed

Tealight / brushed

Large taper / polished

Small taper / polished

Tealight / polished